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Desert island sandbox where you can configure most objects and landscapes to your liking.
Collect and craft resources, meet castaways, develop and operate villages, conduct trade,
fight off raiders, explore underground mines, and discover peculiar ruins.
There’s no determined story here — you tell your own unique tale.

Having no family and all alone, you’ve left your home country and arrived at an uninhabited island. All you brought along is the bare minimum of tools and food. You’ve come here to develop this seemingly unlivable island into a place where humans may dwell. Secure your food for the day, fell trees, crush rocks, and build a shabby hut from scratch with your own hands. For a while, you’ll probably go to sleep every night feeling defeated by the raw power of nature. Everything you do is for the sake of turning this island into a paradise filled with the laughter of its inhabitants.

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A scorching desert. A silent and frigid winter. Natural threats. Gloomy, menacing caves. Enduring such harsh environments while withstanding hunger and stress is nothing short of a challenge. On top of that, as the village chief, you’re responsible for protecting the lives of your villagers.
You’ll have to craft your own tools, do cooking and various other items to make your life on this uninhabited island somewhat cultural. Create your unique Utopia with the villagers by creating over 300 types of items
You can construct buildings, including your home, anywhere on the island settlement. Craft the building materials and arrange tiles, walls, furniture, and doorways as you wish. As the village chief, you get to decide building rules, such as which villager gets to use which building.
Interact with wanderers and merchant ships visiting the island and welcome them as new villagers. Villagers have different skills, personalities, and appearances. As the village chief, you get to decide who to companion. Give the newcomers a home and job to contribute to the further development of your village.
Efficient food production is essential to support your many villagers. Go on adventures to find valuable crop seeds and livestock to bring back to the village. Cooperate with the villagers to water the plants and look after the livestock, and you’ll be able to stock up for the harsh winter… as long as there’s no famine.
You’ll find cowardly rabbits jumping away into their burrows, boars with mighty fangs, and deer with fierce antlers. Capture your valuable sources of meat with your hand-crafted traps. You can even try fishing if you have the right equipment. Of course, you could also just leave such tasks to other villagers.
Tourists might visit your village from overseas if your village becomes developed and earns a good enough reputation. Are you ready to welcome them with accommodation and restaurants? You might want to prepare recreational facilities and pubs as well. If you have foreign currency, merchants are sure to turn their heads. This is your opportunity to obtain rare materials that aren’t available on the island.
The growth of your village and jealous eyes are two sides of the same coin. Protecting your precious village and civilian villagers from raiders is also your duty. But wait. On your own, you’ll be vastly outnumbered. Put up protective barriers, meet your enemies with traps and artillery … and be sure not to miss the red full-moon sign.
Unnatural rifts in the ground, mossy altar ruins, and decaying homes. Is this island really uninhabited? … Of course, you don’t see any other people living on the island besides yourselves, and the animals here weren’t uncommon back home. But … why was I given sole permission to occupy this island …?
Procedural seed-based map generation system allow for different experiences every time you play! Character creation that allows you to combine face, hair, hair color, and skin color features at will. Beekeeping. Horse riding, trolley trains, and warp portals. Randomly occurring map-change events. Adventures with AI villagers. Battle with giant monsters. And taking care of dogs and cats.


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